A Tribute to Martin & Lewis and THE RAT PACK!
Martin & Lewis tribute to The Rat PACK!
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David Wolf is the nation's top Jerry Lewis Tribute Artist.   All of Jerry's "bits' (the "Typewriter", the "Chairman of the Board", "One hen, two ducks", "The Nutty Professor", etc) are included, as well as all the hilarious antics, and lots of comedic energy, to make for a fun-filled evening. And David was actually featured on the Jerry Lewis Telethon with Jerry himself!  He's performed as a single, or as part of the long-running "Jerry Lewis and Friends" show, as well as his current show, ďA Tribute to Martin and Lewis". And as good as his "Jerry Lewis" is, you'll be amazed at his other hilarious impressions, especially his "Sammy Davis Jr" and "Neil Diamond".  Being a veteran of Las Vegas, Laughlin, and numerous other clubs, casinos and events all over the country, has given David a far-reaching reputation as a world-class entertainer.

Steve Waddington is an incredible Dean Martin tribute artist.  All the mannerisms, the voice, the wry humor and boozy swagger...and the ever-present drink and cigarette (un-lit of course!), combine to make him one of the top professionals in his field.  He's performed solo, or with various "Rat Pack" tribute groups as well as his current show, the incredible "Martin and Lewis Tribute".   Close your eyes, and you'll almost swear it was "Dino's singing all his hits.  Open your eyes and you won't believe how much fun you'll have watching this entertainer create the illusion of one of our most beloved icons.  A veteran of clubs, casinos, film, television and events,
Steve brings the relaxed charm and seemingly effortless style of "Dino" to today's audiences.  And, he sings in italian!  Truly THE show with something for everyone!